Friday, February 02, 2007

Good Morning???


"open up the door asshole"

"WAKE UP!!!!!!!!"

"MAN have you never slept in your life??"


Parv rubs his eyes and lets the human alarm clocks enter in. "Wassup dude? you have classes today don't you? Shit man all got to do is sleep." This is the daily dose of morning raga the morning routine mantra to start the day with.

He rushes off to brush his teeth often wondering that this is the only activity he has been religiously performing day after day, everyday, every year for as long s he can remember. Interestingly he can't really recall any other thing which has received this much dedication and diligence from him and the least of them is bathing.

It was only Wednesday. He had a bath on Sunday and the next Sunday is not that far away.No need to wonder that he has never been out of his stocks of shampoo, hair oil, soaps etc. Girls value personal hygiene unfortunately there are NO girls in his class.

The only reason he interrupted his "Sunday's holy baptism" with a few baths through the weeks during his school life was because there were a lot many girls in his school. (If fortune favoured and the seating arrangement made him sit behind, around or even with someone special the frequency would go up drastically)

Post-brush he rules out the dirty, filthy thoughts of personal hygiene.An emergency natural call has to be answered. For some reasons undiscovered the soap "lifebuoy" has been universally accepted as the ultimate potty soap.The little red piece is trusted by almost everyone to be the real germ-killer after all nobody wants to carry the traces of {ahem} okay i will cut that out.

Hostels loo have no locks inside so either you stretch your vocal cords to inform ever-impatient outsiders of your glorious presence or you dedicate a hand full-time on the door so an unintentional push from the outside doesn't turn into a faux-pass.

After that all you need to do is to change your VIP to JOCKEY (personal hygiene you see!). Put the clothes you see lying around (interestingly these are the same ones he's been wearing for a week)

"Who cares?? I go to college to gain knowledge and not for modelling." This is the personal quote and the most replied answer to anyone who pinpoints his dressing sense.

Point is he goes there for neither. All he is is the scum of the earth. But as long as he is loved by people and he loves them he'll go on.For he knows

"All you need is love"
-The Beatles

He could be wrong but this is all he knows.

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